Simply Sudoku Free
Made by Sudoku fans, for Sudoku fans. Simply Sudoku brings natural drag and drop gameplay to this ...続き(アプリのページへ)

Hashi Puzzles: Bridges Islands
Hashiwokakero (also called Ai-Ki-Ai, Bridges or Chopsticks) is the new sudoku-like game that will ...続き(アプリのページへ)

SudoQ is the ultimate sudoku app. Intuitive, unlimited supply, many difficulties and shapes, zero ...続き(アプリのページへ)

Sudoku infinity Free
Having Sudoku infinity, you won’t be looking for a paper puzzle ever again! Sudoku is the most pop...続き(アプリのページへ)

เกมส์ Sudoku สุดมันส์
ในตาราง 9x9 ที่เห็นอยู่นี้มีตาราง 3x3 เรียงซ้อนกันอยู่ 9 ตาราง โดยแถวแนวตั้งและแนวนอน แต่ละแถวมีทั...続き(アプリのページへ)

Addoku Plus
**This app is designed for 7 and 10 inch screens and may not work well on smaller devices.**Addoku...続き(アプリのページへ)

Mobile Sudoku (Free)
Sudoku implementation which can automatically generate an unlimited number of boards for six diffi...続き(アプリのページへ)

Empire Of Sudoku - Single
The most outstanding Sudoku app on Android that takes you to a new age of Sudoku games.15000 singl...続き(アプリのページへ)

可愛解謎方塊 - Oh! Cube (進階版)
★ 獲得App guru、GameApe、iApp、遊戲基地等各遊戲評測網站推薦 ★★ 可愛解謎方塊 解謎風潮強勢登陸Android平台 ★究竟是什麼魔力,能讓人沉迷在神奇的方塊世界中? 喚醒你沉...続き(アプリのページへ)

Sudoku Solver
This App will solve any sudoku puzzle in less than half a second. This app is simple, small sized ...続き(アプリのページへ)

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