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지금은 포켓몬 시대 카페(Cafe) 바로가기네이버 카페 바로가기 어플 입니다.원하는 카페를 검색하여 찾아 들어가는 번거로움이 있어서사용자 분들이 원클릭으로 보다 쉽고 빠르게 카페를...続き(アプリのページへ)

Battle Trainer for Pokemon
Train yourself and become a master of battling. This app teaches you which attacks are super effect...続き(アプリのページへ)

X and Y
do you want to play the free game X and Y?fun app enjoydownload now for free ...続き(アプリのページへ)

Pokemon FunBlast! Trivia LT
Are you a true Pokemon master? Get ready to battle your way to the top of the leaderboards in any ...続き(アプリのページへ)

How to draw pokemon characters
How to draw pokemon characters step by step videos from YouTube. This app contains videos from YouTu...続き(アプリのページへ)

Pokécheck: XY Calculator
Pokécheck: the fastest way to check stats and type effectiveness, as well as calculate EVs and IVs!T...続き(アプリのページへ)

提供神奇寶貝XY(pokemon)個體值計算, 能力計算, 功能未來緩慢增加中數值資料由雪拉比網提供適用於Android 2.3.3以上系統 ...続き(アプリのページへ)

¿Te gustaría conocer todas las nuevas noticias que van mostrando de Pokémon? Con esta aplicación rec...続き(アプリのページへ)

Thank you for 500.000 DOWNLOADS!!! You are great!So here is the latest version including many change...続き(アプリのページへ)

神奇寶貝個體值計算器,可計算神奇寶貝的每項個體值,以及顯示神奇寶貝的種族值。並且有存檔紀錄功能,讓您可以挑選出最強的神奇寶貝,本程式完全免費! 有最新的X,Y,多型態,Mega神奇寶貝資料。有繁體中文...続き(アプリのページへ)

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